ATAMA TO KUCHI is a juggling company started by Hisashi Watanabe in 2015.
We run projects to pioneer the new concept and possibility of juggling as an artform beyond genres. This is not about existing juggling as circus or street performance.

This is about the fundamental relationship between “human” and “objects.”

We explore how physicality changes by the relationship and put the ideas into practice. Beyond stage performance, we are also constantly working on experimental projects in real life to rethink the way to deal with objects, because our life as human, which has always been with objects, is also juggling.

Our main performances are “MONOLITH” the first performance in 2015,
and “WHITEST” at Kanagawa Arts Theater in 2016. Currently working internationally, mainly in Asia and Europe.


Photo by Road Izumiyama

渡邉 尚

Hisashi Watanabe

has been juggling since 20, and as his interest gradually shifted to the body itself, he also began his career in dancing. With a strong animalistic physicality, his dance freely mixes contortion, hand balancing, and transformation of body’s texture.

He has performed nationally and internationally as a member of a contemporary dance company Monochrome Circus since 2013.

In 2015, Hisashi premiered the first solo piece Inverted Tree in which he juggles innovatively with a floor. With the piece, he is selected as the finalist of the most well-known contemporary dance award, Toyota Choreography Award, in Japan held in 2016.

儀保 桜子

Sakurako Gibo

Born in Okinawa Island. She lived in San Francisco and Stockholm for total 6 years,

studying woodworking (toys), product design, and textile. After coming back to Japan and working at Kinosaki International Arts Center for one year, she joined the project of ATAMA TO KUCHI.

She is currently engaged in a research and experiment on human behavior, the way live based on the body sense and not dependent on the brain.

Minister of translation and travel of ATAMA TO KUCHI.


Formed August 2015
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