Inverted Tree

Where did the form of the body come from?

“’Play’ is the essence of humans,” said Johan Huizinga.
Neoteny, the form we acquired during our evolution, the ability to keep the various possibilities without specializing, encourages us to search and discover the unknown world. It is the tolerance of the specie that can reserve insignificant elements.
Enormous possibility is born and dies, endlessly repeated.

When I was little, I used to walk on all fours around the neighborhood at night. Climbing on the fences and poles, jumping off, and holding my breath not to be found by passersby. I was thinking how to trace back from the tip of the evolutionary tree to its root. Now, I’m trying how to be an animal with the human body.

Choreography / Performnce / Music: Hisashi Watanabe

Costume: Shie Minamino

20 minutes

Premiere in February 2015 Kyoto